ArtDaisy Ezine Writers Contest Starting May 10, 2014 Ends May 10, 2015. $250 Prize

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Beginning May 10, 2014


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Beginning May 10, 2014 and ending May 10, 2015, We are holding a writer's contest. The winner will receive $250.00. Your article will be judged by a Paxtau committee , but a portion of your final score will be dependant on the number of unique visitors received. You are allowed to advertise any way that you like, Facebook, Twitter, Utube, even Google Adwords are acceptable means to get eyes on your article or story. Writer's may also submit multiple works and subsequent visitors will be totaled by author(i.e., you can write as much stuff as you like, your total comes from all of your authorship efforts).Paxtau reserves the right to publish any contest material. Authors retain copyright to their work. You may add links to your website or webpage, Facebook etc. Within 48 Hours of Registration you will become an Approved Authorized Author for Paxtau's ArtDaisy Ezine!


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Articles on writer's contest, writers, fiction, non-fiction, poem, poetry, horror, true detective, tv shows, cooking, recipes, mystery, crime, western, novella, drama, general, journalism, personal journal, plays, romance, science fiction, screen writing, young adult, most anything!


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